Iron Fey Chocolate giveaway

The holiday season is upon us!

And the end of another year draws to a close.  For me, its been a little bittersweet, because this year the Iron Fey series came to an end. The last epic battle for the Nevernever took place within the pages of THE IRON WARRIOR, where Ethan, Kenzie, Keirran and Razor, along with Meghan, Ash, Puck, Grim and everyone else said their last goodbyes.

So, I thought I would send them off in style, and what better way to do that than to have a holiday season giveaway?

With Iron Fey CHOCOLATE?

These are the new Iron Fey (and Talon) chocolate bars from Sweet! Hollywood, which you can order from their store. They ship most anywhere in the world. I drew the chibis on the wrapper and got to create the bars themselves, so each character has their own original flavor.  Which you can see in the Julie Kagawa section of Sweet! Hollywood.

And as I happened to get my hands on a few of these bars, I’ll be giving away some Iron Fey chocolate for Christmas.  Three winners will be chosen on the 19th.  They will get to choose which chocolate bar character they want: Meghan, Ash, Puck, Grimalkin, Ethan, or Ember.  All are incredibly delicious, but my favorites are Ash (chocolate and mint, of course) and Ember (cinnamon, toffee bits, and coffee).


Yes, this is international.

So you know what to do. Enter the rafflecopper thingie below, and have a very Faery Christmas!


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164 Replies to “Iron Fey Chocolate giveaway”

  1. patricia franco says: Reply

    i want ash chocolate, but all are fantastic!! happy hollidays anda merry christmas from spain!!

  2. I’d like Ash! Swoon!!! If you had Iron Horse, I’d totally want him! Iron Horse *cries forever*!

  3. I would love to have Grim chocolate!! 😀 I mean of course it would be awesome to have any! But I love Grim!

  4. I would love to get Ash because a. I love him and b. I love chocolate and mint, it’s my favourite combination!

  5. I would love an Ash chocolate! Or Puck. Or Grim! Thank you so much for the giveaway, Julie. <3

  6. I really want to try the Grimalkin chocolate! Just because I love him so much!

  7. I really want a Puck Bar
    Because Puck is awesome
    Then Grim and then Meghan

  8. Oooooh. I love the Iron Fey series. I love chocolate. I would love to have the Ash chocolate! Not only is he my favorite character, but he’s apparently my type of favored chocolate as well lol.

  9. I would love Ethan or Puck because nutella and peanut butter or peanuts sound amazing. Happy Holidays from the UK!

  10. I would love Grimalkin, the best literary cat around 🙂

  11. ASH ! 😀

  12. I would love the Puck chocolate, because Puck always, always makes me laugh 🙂 Of course, I’d probably never be able to actually eat the chocolate if I won one with him on it 😉

  13. I would love to win Grimalkin and Puck chocolate… Grimalkin is my favorite book character ever!

  14. I would like Meghan’s bar or Grim’s bar, I searched for the description and these are my favorites!!
    Thank you for this giveaway ♥

  15. Omg they all sound so good but I would love Grim’s or Meghan’s! Thanks for such a unique giveaway!

  16. I like the Ethan choclate or the megan.

  17. Both your series are my favorite reads. I recommend them to everyone! I would love Ethan followed by Meghan and then Grim and Ember, of course, though she’s not Iron Fey!

  18. The fact that this is the end of The Iron Fey honestly brings me to tears, but, I’m so happy to have been on this journey with you Julie. Thank you for the heartache, love and joy you brought me with these books; I wouldn’t have wanted them any other way. 🙂

    With Love,

  19. And of course I forgot to say: I would love to have the Ash chocolate bar! That way I never truly have to let go, lol.

  20. I want it sooooo bad!!

  21. Kathryn Carmichael says: Reply

    Omg thank you soo much. Idk which one I would want honestly probably puck and I’d save it forever

  22. These all look so yummy! I think I would prefer the Megan and Ash bars. Thanks for the giveaway Julie!

  23. I want the Ash chocolate because I love Ash! He was my favorite character. Besides Meghan and Puck, that is.

  24. Puck, cause he’s the best! Would have chosen him over Ash!!

  25. They all sound wonderful and I love the characters. I think I’m going to have to go with Ash.

  26. ASH because he’s my favorite!

  27. is “all” an option? Lol! Probably Grimalkin because I love his sass.

  28. I would love the Ash and Grimalkin ones 🙂 They all look awesome though.

  29. Sonja van Scheijen says: Reply

    I would love Ember, ’cause I love the Talon series en the wrapper would suit the dragon I made with you in Belgium ^.^

  30. I want the Ember chocolate! The little dragon is so cute!

  31. Jaclyn Reynolds says: Reply

    Iron Fey Ash looks awesome!!

  32. Puck and Ash are my favorites!

  33. I would love some chocolate, especially the Ash one. They all look delicious!!!!

  34. I want the Grim chocolate, but all the bars look delicious to me! Happy holidays!

  35. Chocolate for the Holidays… Yummm
    I would share with all

  36. I’d love any of them, but I think I’d love the Ash chocolate bar the most! 😀

  37. I’d love any of them! I’d pick Ember if I had to pick.

  38. Ooo me wants! Anyone who knows where i can buy this chocolate internationaly?

  39. Id have lived an Ash one or Ember! (Shames theres no garret one though!) In fact I want them all hahah

  40. Would love to win . They look awesome. 🙂

  41. I love Grimalkin as a character and the Meghan bar sounds good!

  42. They all look amazing, though Ash sounds yummy!

  43. I would love the Grimalkin bar! It sounds amazing!

  44. Puck’s Bar of course ! That trickster must have something hidden in there that is really good

  45. Ember! Yum!

  46. I’d love to have Ash’s chocolate bar!!!

  47. I think I’d love Ash the most too, Chocolate and Mint is amazing. All of them are super cool though so I’d be happy with any 🙂

  48. I would so love a Puck chocolate bar!

  49. Ash. Because mint chocolate is mmm. Or, whoever is dark chocolate.

  50. I’d have to go with the Ash chocolate bar because I love mint!!!

  51. I would love me some Puck 😀

  52. i would love either Ash or Ember, my two favorite characters, if you had the iron horse i would get that! <3

  53. I sang Grimalkin’s chocolate. We finally get to know him a little better, even though it’s just flavor. Of course I want to try it!!!
    And, as always, thank you, Julie, for everything you do for us <3

  54. I want the Puck bar

  55. chocolate and iron fey? Two of my favorite things! I’d love the Grimalkin one 🙂

  56. OMG! Thank you so much Ms. Kagawa! I would absolutely love to receive the Puck or Ash chocolate bar!

  57. Do I have to pick just one? I’d like Ember, Puck and Grim.

  58. Ethan! He is my favorite character, and possibly my favorite kind of chocolate. Hmm, that came out wrong…but not entirely. 🙂

  59. I’d want either the Ash or Ethan bar!

  60. I don’t care what coco I would end up with We would be happy with any of them. Man I don’t even care about the coco I just want the wrapper lol

  61. Krisztina Ferenc says: Reply

    I want an Ash chocolate:)))) but I would be happy with any of them:).

  62. Catherine Leigh Vaught says: Reply

    I would be happy to get any of them, honestly. I have been in love with the series for four years, and I have written my own characters and fanfiction. They were my inspiration to start writing. I’m happy to be here for the send off of the series

  63. Ash! I would love to keep that adorable wrapper forever. And I’m sure the chocolate tastes great! XD

  64. I love them all, but would try Ash first.

  65. I think I want Grim the most… He is a cat, after all. (But all of them are so adorable!)

  66. Haha! This is so cooool!!! I’d take an Ash chocolate any time;)!

  67. Ash or Puck would be great! I love those guys so much!

  68. This is so cool. I love chocolate and would love this

  69. This is soooo cool! I LOVE it!

  70. I’m torn between Puck and Grim but have to go with Grim because, well, he’s Grim!

  71. I would love embers!!

  72. Grimalkin, because I’m a sucker for marshmallows, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate, but I wouldn’t be opposed to Meghan’s or an Ash bar either, just to have him on the cover. Over halfway through Iron Daughter right now and a little frustrated at Ash right now, but I’m willing to bet you’ll make me fall in love with him again soon!

  73. I would love to have an Ash (chocolate or otherwise) hehehe ❤️

  74. I would LOVE to have a Puck chocolate bar! Although I’d probably not eat it and just admire it for days, hehe. :3

  75. Suzanne Arimond says: Reply

    You mean I can’t have all of them? *sighs* Well If I have to choose….it would be Meghan or Ash. They are my favorite characters!

  76. Vanessa Alvarez says: Reply

    I would love the Grim Chocolate Bar. My favorite character in the series for sure 🙂

  77. I’d love any of them but the Grim bar sounds really interesting! I’d love to try it 🙂

  78. I want ash chocolate. Munt chocolate combo is the best!!

  79. I think all of them look great but i love the Grim bar. He looks so Fabulous! 🙂

  80. I’d love to to have the Puck chocolate bar because I will always ship Meghan and Puck and Puck is amazing.

  81. I want Ash chocolate. 🙂

  82. I’d like Grimalkin! *.*.* 🙂

  83. I’d like to have a Grim, Ash or Meghan. Thank you so much the giveaway, I really love the series. 🙂

  84. I want Ash! 🙂

  85. Mariann Murvai says: Reply

    my fav is Ash… or Ember 🙂 thank you 🙂

  86. I want the Ember one, she is probably my favorite character from all your books. And she’s a dragon. I like dragons

  87. I would love to have Grim chocolate! 😀

  88. I would like Puck chocolate!! Or Ethan……………. No I’m going with Puck 😀

  89. Uh I would love Ethan chocolate 😀 Yum!

  90. Viktoria Bojtos says: Reply

    I would love to win Grimalkin chocolate 🙂

  91. Celeste DeQuincey says: Reply

    I would love a Grimalkin bar because he was my favourite character <3

  92. Hello.
    I want Ash Choclat. I love him and the rest. Its not very god rite but i do my best. Julie Kagawa is my insperetion (inspiratie). I rite my on book and I hope that it ook famouse word.
    Thank you.
    I love her book and i hope that a have A picter togheter whit her and het signater in al my books van her.

  93. These are do cool and such a good idea! I love the ember one dragon hard

  94. Meghan 🙂

  95. I would like Meghan 🙂

  96. Záhorszki Viktória says: Reply

    Ash 🙂 <3

  97. Michelle O'Neill says: Reply

    i would love ash chocolate,

  98. Hi 🙂
    I realy would like to win Ash chocolate because he was my favourite character in books 😛 <3

  99. i like the Ember one please

  100. I would like Ash. 🙂

  101. I want Ash, then Ethan or Grim

  102. I would love to win the Grimalkin chocolate bar!! Just because he’s a cat.

  103. Love to win Ember or Ash but honestly any would be great.

  104. I would want a Puck bar, because he is my favorite and the candy bar sounds delicious! But the Ethan bar is very tempting too!

  105. Eee 😀 Thank you for this lovely giveaway Julie. <3 You are the best. Ahh, I want all the chocolates, lol 😀 But most I want Ash. <3 My precious.

  106. maybe Ash

  107. I would want them all! But if I have to pick one it would be Ash. ♥ him.

  108. Paula Readings says: Reply

    Talon Amber for me please.

  109. i be happy with any fey chocolate these bars are fantastic thanks for the chance to win.

  110. Amanda Collins says: Reply

    Meghan! thanks for the chance!

  111. Puck bar please 🙂

  112. You’re asking a Chocolate Lover which one we want? Seriously?! ANY chocolate, any cover! BUT, since you are forcing us to choose, TALON chocolate, hands down! LOVE, LOVE, Love the Talon series!

  113. They all sound so yummy (and are super cute!) I think I’d like Meghan the most: I love cookie and cream chocolates.

  114. I would like Meghan’s bar.
    Thank you for this giveaway! ♥

  115. Grim, always and forever Grim.

  116. If I go by filling, I’d say Meghan… white chocolate with cookies & cream!! But by the cover of the chocolate… Ash! Always loved him! And I loved his passion in the Iron Warrior!

  117. Is ALL of them a correct answer?!

    Otherwise, everyone!!

    Or possibly the WHOLE LOT!

    Okay, okay, if it must be one…The Iron Fey characters…with a surprise appearance from Ember!

    Or if I really must only have 1 single 1…Ash! 😉

  118. I love all of them but Ember’s quote made me laugh the hardest!! ♥ Riv

  119. I would want to eat Ash’s because he’s so scrumptious! Yum! Let me take a bite out of that piece of delicious goodness!

  120. I would definitely want Ash, for the obvious character reasons. Love him, love his flavor!

  121. Ratna Adhi Utami says: Reply

    The Grim bar has marshmallow filling, it’s so cute! But honestly, I want them all! Thank you Julie for this giveaway… I really don’t want to say goodbye to The Iron Fey series. I love this series and its characters so much!

  122. I would definitely want Grimalkin, you know… If he even wants to share to begin with 😛

  123. AHHHH! I want the Grimalkin or Puck chocolates!!

  124. I’d pick Ash, I think that he’ll be the sweetest. 😛

  125. I would love grim <3

  126. I would love Ash chocolate. 🙂 thank you so much for this giveaway 🙂
    Your huge fan from Slovakia :-* ♥

  127. the Ember one’s look the best

  128. I’d love to have Puck or Grimalkin! Yey. Merry Christmas Julie! You’re the awesome-esttt!

  129. I love chocolate and your books! So hard to choose. I think Grimalkin, or Puck, or Ember….

  130. I would want Grim’s bar! The image on it is so adorable! I would display it on my bookshelf.

  131. My son would only be then dragon

  132. It’s so hard to choose! But I would love a Puck chocolate bar <3

  133. Yummy!!!!! I would love an Ash chocolate, thank you for the chance.

    Happy Holidays!!!!

  134. I want to try the Puck bar – great combination of flavours.

  135. Meghan Lyndsey Ann Edwards says: Reply

    I would love to win Meghan! 🙂

  136. Problem is the wrappers are so pretty I wouldn’t want to ruin them by opening the bar. On the other hand… CHOCOLATE!!!

  137. Oh yeah, and I’d either want Ethan or Grim (so long as there’s no nuts)

  138. Réta Galambos says: Reply

    Hi, I really would like to win an Ember bar! *.* It looks so cool!

  139. Ash please

  140. I’de love to win the Grimalkin and Ember bars ^^

  141. Grim chocolate please! His chibi drawing is so darn cute!~

  142. *My apologies if I accidentally this more than once*

    I think I’d have to choose the Ember chocolate, because of how delicious it sound; but when it comes to chocolate themed after you favorite characters? There are no wrong choices.

    Thank you for the eleven books! I hope there are more yet to come!

  143. Ash! Although I am not picky and would take any of them!

  144. Sabrina Wannet says: Reply

    I my gosh these are amazing. I love them all but I love Ember, Ash and Grimalkin the most.
    I would love to have those but they do not sell them in the Netherlands 🙁 . You always have amazing stuff just like
    your books are really amazng and addicting :D.

  145. Ember’s flavour sounds amazing! I’d love to try that, but any would be great.

  146. Razor please

  147. I’d like Ember

  148. I would like the minty Ash flavour

  149. Victoria Prince says: Reply

    Ooh Grimalkin please!

  150. I like Ember

  151. I would want Prince Ash.

  152. I would love Grimalkin because marshmallows sounds amazing and he is the sassiest cat I know. I adore your series and characters! Best of luck to everyone(:

  153. Lynsey Buchanan says: Reply


  154. Ash or Ember please

  155. Kirsteen Mackay says: Reply

    I would love Ember

  156. All of them but Ash or Ember would be my favourite!

  157. Loved the books, I would love the ash chocolate <3

  158. Ember please

  159. I would like to win Ash! (The chocolate I mean although Ash alone sounds good too xD) but I like all the others too so its a hard one. I’ll take any or all of them!

    Thankyou for the giveaway you always make holidays cheery!

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