Dragon making and book talking


Hey everyone!

So, this should be fun.  Ever wondered how I make my tiny little clay dragons?


Well, this month (June 30, 6pm est) I’ll be at my local library in La Grange, KY, holding my first DRAGON SCULPTING CLASS.  We’ll bring the clay and all the tools, you bring nothing but your creativity.  I’ll teach you step-by-step, how to make a dragon.  Then we’ll bake your creation and you can take them home.  Best of all, you’ll know how to make more if you so choose.

Also, we’ll be discussing Talon, Rogue, and other bookish things, and I’ll be signing afterwards.  So drop by for a few hours of dragony fun.  Its free, but you have to sign up for the event so they know how many are coming.  Just follow this link and click on the  “Sign up for Events” button on the right side of the page.


More information can be found on the site, but here’s the general info

What: Dragon making and book club

Where: Oldham County Public Library,  308 Yager Avenue, LaGrange, KY 40031

When: June 30th, 6pm est



Hope to see you there!

7 Replies to “Dragon making and book talking”

  1. Can u do stuff like that in Houston Texas?

  2. Oh you should get someone to take a video of you making dragons. I’ve tried making them but they don’t come out as good as yours. I think I just need to practice more.

  3. Please, please, pleaaaaase, come to France (preferably Toulouse) and do the same thing 🙂

  4. Could you please have someone tape it and post to YouTube for those of us who don’t live nearby? I have one of your dragons and he’s my prized possession, but I’d love to make him a little brother or sister!

  5. I know it’s hot, but if you visit Vegas, I’ll totally drive the hours to go!
    I wish there was a recording or something of this event. It sounds so fun, but you live so far away that I can never make any of those book signings.

    I hope you get a slew of people!
    Have fun. ^^

  6. I know I’m kind of late but I just wanted to say that your dragons are beyond adorable! <3

  7. That sounds like such event! Definitely please have someone tape the next event like it. I would love to go, but I live to far away. And btw, love the Talon and Fey series!

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