Iron Fey

The Worlds of the Iron Fey


Meghan’s discovery of her Faery heritage opens up a whole new world to her – literally. The Nevernever has a geography all its own and its disparate, potentially deadly realms are yours to discover…


A sort of magical foyer off of which all the Faery courts open: tangled trees and fleeting colors glimpsed through a grey mist that itself seems alive. Anywhere is possible from here.

The Summer Realm aka Arcadia or the Seelie Court

It is all things in abundance: music and light, heady aromas, lush textures; heavy with greenery, fruit and flowers in colors unimagined by humans. Peopled with tiny winged faeries and massive trolls, elven knights, satyrs and centaurs, it is ruled by the Faery King Oberon — Meghan’s father.

The Winter Realm aka Tir Na Nog or the Unseelie Court

It is a world holding its breath: bleakly beautiful and austere, with snow-covered forests and frozen fountains glittering as if in suspended animation. Inhabited by goblins and redcaps, ogres and phoukas and ominous statues frozen alive, its crystal palace is ruled by the Faery Queen Mab — Ash’s mother.

The Iron Realm aka Mag Tuiredh or the Iron Court

When Meghan Chase enters the Iron Realm in The Iron King, this land encroached on Faery like a cancerous growth, blasted and barren. The sulfurous sky was raked by rusty winds and choking fumes. Nothing grew but heaps of obsolete junk: twisted metal and discarded silicon rising skyward in an otherwise featureless sea of searing sand.

In later books, with the death of the Iron King, the Iron Realm is under new management. The once corrupted land now shows the new blend of tradition and technology, with trees and plants thriving alongside steel, iron, and glowing lights. Though the Iron Realm is still deadly to the traditional fey, the infusion of Summer glamour with Iron glamour has stopped the poison seeping into the Nevernever and the slow spread of the realm itself. A railroad stretches across the land to bring travelers safely to Mag Tuiredh, the new Iron Court.

The Story Thus Far

The Iron Fey saga follows half-human, half-faery Meghan Chase as she fights to claim her magical birthright.

Meghan’s journey begins in the mortal world, when her half-brother Ethan is kidnapped. The mission to rescue the innocent child draws Meghan into the Nevernever—the magical world—where the never-before-seen Iron fey are raining destruction upon traditional faeries. Meghan’s quest is fraught with unimagined dangers, unpredictable powers…and an utterly forbidden love.

In Call of the Forgotten, little Ethan is all grown up—and a new breed of fey has come for him. Bound by blood to a world he despises, Ethan plunges into the Nevernever searching for answers: who are the ghostly assassins hunting him? Who controls them? And why are exiled and half-breed faeries vanishing from the mortal world?

With a vulnerable human girl to protect and an enigmatic faery ally he could never have imagined, Ethan embarks on his own Fey saga. Along the way he will encounter kin, comrades and deadly new enemies. He will discover his formidable strengths, and his deepest weaknesses—and he will fight for his life against the Forgotten.

Meghan Chase

A typical teenager: smart enough and pretty enough, with distinctive blonde hair, startling blue eyes and a slender frame clad in cargo pants and t-shirts. Not popular and fine with it: she’s a bit shy and a lot stubborn. Not so typical: she’s also half-Faery and a princess.

Ash – Ashallayn’darkmyr Tallyn

The youngest son of Queen Mab, he’s a Faery prince of the Unseelie Court with chilling powers and a dark legacy. If those silver-grey eyes don’t stop you cold, you might want to check your pulse. Handsome and serious, but slow to trust, he makes a powerful ally…and a dangerous love.

Puck – Robin Goodfellow

The original prankster: a Faery legend. To Meghan he’s just Rob, her crazy red-headed BFF, until he’s forced to reveal the truth and bring her to Faery. Mischievous and cunning, he’s also fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect Meghan—secret love is like that sometimes.


This uncanny cat can be infuriating: he knows and sees all, but only shares what he wishes. Has a maddening tendency to disappear without warning.