Blood of Eden

The World of Blood of Eden

Red Lung decimated the human population. Vampires rose to rule the crumbling cities. Madmen seek to destroy what little civilization remains. Only Allison Sekemoto, former fringer-turned-vampire stands against them. This is the world of The Blood of Eden. This is Allie’s world…

New Covington

A large vampire city surrounded by a massive Outer Wall designed to keep rabids out—and the human “cattle” in. Just inside the wall is the Fringe, and in the center, separated by another wall, is the Inner City, the domain of the ruling vampires.

  • The Outer Wall: An iron, steel and concrete monstrosity 30 feet high and six feet thick, with a single gate barred from the inside. Blinding searchlights scan the “kill zone” outside: a razed strip of earth littered with mined trenches, barbed wire and spiked pits, all designed to keep rabids at bay.
  • The Fringe: The largest part of the city is divided into six sectors in a loose semi-circle around the Inner City, each neatly fenced off to control the flow of food and people. Rusted-out cars and crumbling buildings are wrapped in vegetation as nature slowly reclaims the concrete jungle. Life in the Fringe is tough, like the people. Most make their homes in abandoned buildings. There are no jobs, and most goods – scavenged or rationed – are bartered at makeshift trading posts. No one reads: there are no schools, and it is illegal to own books.
  • The Inner City: Most Fringers secretly dream of being Taken to the glittering Inner City, with its starry towers. Rumors say the vampires breed certain humans—the brilliant, the beautiful—on the inside. But since no one Taken into the city ever returns—except the pets and their guards, who aren’t talking—no one knows what it’s really like.
  • The Tunnels: An extensive network of former sewer pipes and subway tunnels beneath New Covington: a twisting maze lit only by what little sunlight seeps in from grates above. A dangerous place rumored to be inhabited by pale and disturbing “mole men,” the tunnels are the only way to get outside the Wall.

The Ruins

Beyond the Wall and the kill zone are the old suburbs, where unchecked plant and animal life has conquered the subdivisions and strip malls. Rows of dilapidated houses may hide precious caches of food, clothing and blankets for anyone brave—or stupid—enough to escape the city and search.

The Wilderness

Beyond New Covington is a vast unpopulated wasteland, crisscrossed with disused roads and the rotting remains of villages, filled with all sorts of wild animals…and rabids. These predators roam freely but gravitate to anywhere humans might live.

Old Chicago

The ruins of this metropolis teeter on the lakeshore: decaying skyscrapers looming over miles of broken pavement. The city center is completely underwater, which keeps rabids at bay. The residents scuttle above the turbulent sludge on a web of metal and wood woven between the old elevated train tracks.

The Story Thus Far

In the dark days since the insidious Red Lung virus decimated the human population, vampires have risen to rule the crumbling cities.

Uncontested princes rule over diminished ranks of mortals. In exchange for their labor, loyalty and, of course, their blood, many humans are now registered, fed and sheltered—farmed like cattle. Still more, who remain stubbornly unregistered, scavenge on the Fringes for survival.

Outside city walls: a vast wilderness, stalked by terrifying creatures called rabids. Created when humans and vampires attempted to cure Red Lung, rabids prowl by night, mindless and ravenous for human blood.

Allison Sekemoto is a life-long Fringer: always hunted, always hungry. But when forced to choose between agonizing death and becoming what she hates…Allie takes immortality. Passing for human, the fledgling vampire joins a band of pilgrims on a glorious, insane quest: to find a cure for rabidism, for vampirism, for all humanity. But Allie’s excruciating blood-hunger cannot be denied. Not for friendship—not even for love.
Allison Sekemoto

This tough, sarcastic Fringer learned early how to survive: show no weakness, trust no one. Forced to choose between agonizing death and becoming what she despises, Allie’s survival instinct still wins. Being a vampire isn’t all bad (Heightened senses and incredible fighting strength? Awesome.), but this new, all-consuming hunger frightens even her….


The handsome and ruthless vampire king of Old Chicago likes his games bloody and his meals bloodier–both are supplied by the human gang of motorcycle raiders he commands.

Jebbadiah Crosse

Hardened by tragedy and hatred, Jeb’s only goal is to reach Eden, a place rumored to be entirely free of rabids and vampires. With a preacher’s charisma and zeal and a soldier’s skill and discipline, he leads a handful of pilgrims, with his adopted son Zeke as his lieutenant.

Jeb’s group

The ragtag clan searching for Eden includes:

  • Ruth, a suspicious teenager with designs on Zeke, deeply devoted to her brother Caleb, age 6;
  • Darren, a young man eager to prove himself Zeke’s equal;
  • Silas, a quiet older man devoted to his injured wife, Teresa;
  • Bethany, age 8 and Matthew, age 10, both orphaned;
  • Jake, Jeb’s third-in-command; and
  • Dorothy, a deeply troubled woman with a tenuous grasp on reality.


Allie’s sire–the vampire who turned her–is one of the Masters, the most ancient and powerful of his kind. His piercing black eyes, tall, muscular form and calm, quiet demeanor make for one ominous specimen of immortality. He is a patient but demanding teacher who keeps his secrets close.


Scarred and seriously scary, this vampire is a real monster’s monster. Cryptic, hypnotic, psychotic–he’s got big, bad plans in his bald head…and they definitely involve Allie.

Ezekiel Crosse

Tall, lean and blue-eyed, 17-year-old Zeke is practically the anti-Allie. He’s trusting and friendly, fiercely protective of the small clan that has gathered around his adoptive father, Jeb Crosse. He’s been raised as a leader and taught some harsh lessons about obedience, loyalty and the irredeemable evil of vampires.


This watery-eyed scarecrow of a boy is the weak link in Allie’s Fringe crew who relies on her help to survive. He’s annoying, but somehow you want to protect him.